Please head over to our NEW Website and blog


 Please use this link Ellison Bay Pottery Studios to find us at our new home on the inter web.

Our 41st Anniversary Party details are here: PARTY BLOG POST

It’s Saturday August 22 from 1-5 and it’s a big deal: Our Studio’s 41st birthday and John Dietrich’s 72nd!

We’re baking and chilling and sweeping and painting and weed-whacking (you get the idea) so come on up and party with us.

We’ve got a store, shopping cart and secure payment, so finally we have our own on-line home.

Our blog has also moved. Please bookmark this. Of course, we’ll keep sending our email newsletter and if you want to be on our list, there is a sign up at our new site.

It’s been great being over here and we hope you’ll follow us over there!

Diane and John

ImageWe are surrounded by trees, frogs, snakes, leaves, apple orchards, the sounds of waves from nearby Green Bay, turkey buzzards, deer, turkeys, coyotes, sinking into the ground outhouses from the past and the wireless satellite towering in our orchard.


And in our studio, we can sink into the clay as our hands begin to find their words.


4 thoughts on “Please head over to our NEW Website and blog

  1. Happy New Year! Great seeing your picture.
    Excuse me but I think you are drinking from my mug! 🙂

    Cold and cloudy in Michigan

  2. I loved this Diane; thanks for sharing.
    “our hands begin to find their words” – beautifully expressed.

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