Please head over to our NEW Website and blog

 Please use this link Ellison Bay Pottery Studios to find us at our new home on the inter web. Our 41st Anniversary Party details are here: PARTY BLOG POST It’s Saturday August 22 from 1-5 and it’s a big deal: Our Studio’s 41st birthday and John Dietrich’s 72nd! We’re baking and chilling and sweeping and painting and […]

I just received these two awards: Awesome Blossom and Because You’re Fantabulous Award.

I just received this today and all I can say is it’s nice to be noticed!! Thanks to my fellow blogger Elizabeth Rose of Elizabeth Rose Mysteries. It is these twin awards: Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards which are straight from the heart and mind of Bally Bin, author of The Good, Bad and Ludicrous […]

Breaking Out of our Own Box – Jumping out of Our Own Rut

Ruts. We’re all in one. We work hard, too, to get there. When we start out we work hard to get established.  Then to maintain our momentum. One day, we realize we miss the thrill and fear of the unknown.  The excitement we felt.  The sleepless nights. The pride of accomplishment. The chance to nudge […]