Please head over to our NEW Website and blog

 Please use this link Ellison Bay Pottery Studios to find us at our new home on the inter web. Our 41st Anniversary Party details are here: PARTY BLOG POST It’s Saturday August 22 from 1-5 and it’s a big deal: Our Studio’s 41st birthday and John Dietrich’s 72nd! We’re baking and chilling and sweeping and painting and […]

Ask A Potter: Is It Hard To Sell Your Favorite Piece of Pottery?

“How can you sell your work?’ “Isn’t it too precious?” “If you love something, how can you bear to part with it?” “Do you ever keep the best for yourself?” John’s answers range from “I can always make another one.” to “That’s how I pay our mortgage.”  I like to say “We’re in this for […]

Gestating Ideas

There is a certain uneasiness, a kind of restlessness, the need to make visible the thoughts, feelings, ideas that takes over when I’ve spent too much time on the business side of life that is starting to make finishing my year-end paperwork very difficult. Almost impossible. Then, add to that the glazing we’ll be doing […]

Philosophy of Kim Morgan, Master Potter, New Zealand – Handmade pottery and ceramics

I’ve been searching for the answer of ‘Why Handmade?’ so I thought I’d share some of the smart and articulate potters I’ve found. I suggest you visit their sites, too, so you can see their philosophy in action. A famous Japanese quote “It takes 20 years learn, 20 years to forget and then you make […]

Pottery Process Primer – Chapter 2 – Pugging

Once John had enough brand spanking new clay dried and rolled up and carried up the stairs to our studio, he began pugging. A pug mill is a big, smelly, stinky machine with an auger in a tube that grinds and squeezes and mixes the new clay. It does this loudly.  So, John grabs a large […]