Our Pottery and Where to Buy It

Our Gallery

Ellison Bay Pottery gallery

As you enter the gallery

is open 6 days a week or you can call or email us anytime between 8am and 8pm any day.

WINTER–January 1 to April 30 hours: 11-4 Closed Sundays

SUMMER–May 1 to Dec. 31 hours: 10-5 Closed Sundays

Closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our Etsy Store  is open all the time.

You can visit us (12156 Garrett Bay Rd. Ellison Bay WI 54210), call (920-854-5049 or 920-740-5859) email: dmcneil83@gmail.com or shop Etsy.

“Our daily life involves all facets of making functional work for every day use, which is why we say we make ‘Art for Every Day’.

When a customer tells us how happy they are when they use our pottery, we are happy.”

Our functional work is microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe.  Avoid direct heat, use wooden or plastic utensils.  Protect the hot pots from cold marble, granite and concrete counter tops.  To bake, put room temperature food in pot, then into a cold oven and heat together.

We make pottery for people to use, so we think about how people cook, bake, serve and eat.  Weight is a serious consideration.  Handles are important.  Does the pitcher dribble?  How functional is a teapot?  What is the best size for a casserole.  And then, of course, there is our drive to express ourselves through design and color.  It’s the act of combining all this that creates these one of a kind beautiful pieces of pottery.




9 thoughts on “Our Pottery and Where to Buy It

  1. Dear Mr. Dietrich,

    I met you last Friday when we were visiting Door County. Eric (works for Fermi Lab) and I (sell travel to Asia) had stopped in your shop and got a pair of candlestick holders before we headed over to Newport State Park for a lovely cross country ski.

    We are now planning on getting married in Door County next September and are interested in decorating the reception tables with your goblets and candlestick holders which will then become the wedding favors for our guests. The wedding will be small, I am thinking perhaps 12-14 goblets and 8 or 10 candlestick holders.

    Would we be able to special order something in advance?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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  3. At your event in Deerfield, is it possible to purchase pottery, or is it buy raffle only?

    Hope you are doing well and surviving the weather.
    Thank you,
    Patty Wielgos

  4. That’s a fabulous and well juried art show. A wide variety of fine art and craft are available. We love this one.

  5. I just found out I will be in Madison, WI for your upcoming show. Can you bring the dark blue. Particularly a Cookie Jar. I’ll have a pair then. They are so practical and functional.

  6. We’ll bring most of the dark blue pottery for sure, but sadly, no cookie jar. We CAN, though, make one for you by early April. There’s a chance we’ll be in Madison then, too. To place an order just call us 🙂

  7. Hello John, it has been a very long time since we visited your place. You may remember that we have dozens and more of your incredible pieces. We used them all the time–or 12 piece table setting, huge platters, many sizes of mugs and casseroles. I could go on and on. Just wanted to let you hear from one of your most constant admirers. Bert died in 2011 and I am not able to travel. I am fortunate to continue enjoying your wonderful things and happy that we visited you and purchased from you so often.
    Florence Ponzi

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