Gift Ideas For Any Occasion.

You are not alone when it comes to solving one of the happiest and hardest tasks: Buying the Perfect Gift. We all worry about doing the right thing and spending our money wisely.

Especially spending our money wisely. That’s what we can help you with. Ellison Bay Pottery never goes out of style because it is One-of-a-Kind Art, a style all its own.  It’s contemporary, unusual (you can only find it here!) and better yet, you know the makers.

You can get what you want instead of settling for good enough by ordering something in the glaze of your choice.

Our pottery is timeless– it goes with everyone’s style, so you can’t go wrong. If you don’t like it, or if they don’t, take a look at our 100% guarantee. We will exchange the unblemished pottery even without a receipt, FOREVER! Really. If there is shipping involved, all you pay for is returning the item to us in perfect condition.

There are other important reasons to buy our pottery:

  • It’s food safe: microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe.   You can reheat leftovers in our pottery in the microwave. Make tea. Bake your best hot dish in the oven and serve it straight away. Chill those wine coolers in the freezer and they are ready when you are. Bake your pie or Quiche.
  • Pottery will keep you and your family healthy. Everyone is worried about food safety these days, and all the scary information we read every day has convinced us that anything plastic is bad.
  • Pottery is easy to live with. Sturdy and beautiful. You can use your dishwasher, or like we do in our home, your hands!
  • Functional Stoneware Pottery is pretty sturdy in addition to being a work of art and can be used daily without wearing out!
  • You will be giving a gift no one else can duplicate. Pottery is very personal and the gift will stand the test of time.

Here are some suggestions-they are perfect for Holiday entertaining, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, house-warmings, Mother’s and Father’s day and anything else that calls for a gift. (call for availability 920-854-5049 or 920-740-5859)

Here are some ideas:



butter dish or hot dip

Just about 2″ deep, wavy edge

shallow bowl


large teapot


chip and dip

small pitcher


crock: Kitchen utensil holder, wine cooler and vase

Teapot smb glaze

 Need more ideas?  Click over to our Etsy Store.

Ready to order? Call us @ 920-854-5049 or 920-740-5859 or email us at dmcneil83 at gmail dot com

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