Pottery Demonstration Videos

Our favorite question is:  How long did it take you to make that mug?

John likes to answer it this way: It takes 6-8 weeks to make enough pottery to fill our 42 cu ft gas kiln. That’s our firing cycle. We need around 200-220 pots to fill the kiln.

But words alone can’t tell you everything and videos show you details you wouldn’t even know to ask for.

Throwing stoneware pottery

John is throwing a pot at his potter’s wheel

These videos show you just a small part of the whole functional pottery process: the MAKING of the initial shape. There are so many steps to making that one mug and we’ve never counted the minutes.

Instead, I will list the steps so you can get an idea. Or you can ignore this and go straight to the videos.

If you want to see a video of a John making a specific product, let us know. He’s always throwing so it’s easy to put up a new video.

Throwing Yunomi (Japanese Tea Bowl) Off The Hump

Throwing a Stoneware Casserole

Throwing a Goblet in One Piece

Trimming and Decorating A Goblet

Throwing Vases for his “To The Core” series

Attaching Handles to a Pitcher

Waxing and Glazing Pottery

Wedging Clay

EBP Studios Process Steps

  • make clay
  • age clay
  • pug clay
  • wedge clay
  • design time
  • throw pots
  • decorate pots
  • dry pots
  • load bisque firing
  • bisque firing
  • unload firing
  • smooth the rough bits
  • wax: the foot, the handles (anything we don’t want glaze on)
  • glaze
  • clean the feet (or anything we don’t want to stick together)
  • load the glaze kiln
  • glaze firing (8-10 hours)
  • cooling 1.5 days (we clean the studio)
  • unload the glaze kiln
  • Smooth the feet, or any rough bits

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