Monument Square Art Fair returning to its original home

Our Invitation to You We’re juried into this premier Art Fair in Racine, WI.  60 of the very finest artists from the Midwest and beyond in one location, the heart of Racine, WI. You will find John at booth #10. Returning to its original home on Monument Square in Downtown Racine, one of Wisconsin’s oldest […]

You Owe Your Mom Big. Time.

What are you going to give your Mom this year? Another lame-o card? Flowers that wilt in three days? A sweater in her least favorite color and size?  Or, like my family did for me one year: a new appliance. That’s right.  They bought me a toaster.  The old one was on its last element […]

You’ve Got Gifts to Buy~We Can Help with Art For Every Day~Functional Pottery

Another big season of gift giving is here: Graduations ~ Weddings ~ Anniversaries ~ Mother’s and Father’s Day ~ Birthdays..always birthdays ~ Housewarmings~~~ and then there is you, don’t forget you. You can find the perfect affordable gift here and we can ship it for you. No more dashing to the store to dig through […]

Pottery On The Road: Potting For Dollars: Madison Weavers Guild Invitational: 2009

I can hear John sanding and scrapping the edges of the bisque ware, getting rid of what we call ‘nerds’.   Nerds are not geeky guys with pocket protectors.  They aren’t alive at all, at least not as far as I can tell.   They are the sharp edges and bits left over from trimming that harden […]