Monument Square Art Fair returning to its original home

Our Invitation to You We’re juried into this premier Art Fair in Racine, WI.  60 of the very finest artists from the Midwest and beyond in one location, the heart of Racine, WI. You will find John at booth #10. Returning to its original home on Monument Square in Downtown Racine, one of Wisconsin’s oldest […]

The Art of Creating~The Art of Learning~The Art of Cooking~The Art of Living Well

  In Ellison Bay we trip over all the artists who live and work here. And then, because we have two schools (a food school and a folk arts school) it’s like we’re a magnet to creatives. You are probably one, so come on up and see all of us May 18 and 19. Our […]

Ask A Potter: Is It Hard To Sell Your Favorite Piece of Pottery?

“How can you sell your work?’ “Isn’t it too precious?” “If you love something, how can you bear to part with it?” “Do you ever keep the best for yourself?” John’s answers range from “I can always make another one.” to “That’s how I pay our mortgage.”  I like to say “We’re in this for […]

» Pottery Making Illustrated

First of the year (yes, it isn’t but it’s been on my mind) we go over our subscriptions to pottery/clay/ceramic magazines.  Lately we’ve not made many changes to the ones we read regularly.  This is more for beginner and intermediate potters, but we can learn from this, even with our combined almost 60 years experience. […]