New Website!

Thank you so very much for signing up here. Each time someone does I feel excited that someone is interested and that urges me to keep writing, often with clay on my hands. Many times I focus on studio work to the exclusion of everything else. Today, after spending time away from it all, I […]

Breaking Out of our Own Box – Jumping out of Our Own Rut

Ruts. We’re all in one. We work hard, too, to get there. When we start out we work hard to get established.  Then to maintain our momentum. One day, we realize we miss the thrill and fear of the unknown.  The excitement we felt.  The sleepless nights. The pride of accomplishment. The chance to nudge […]

Handmade and Handthrown Stoneware Ikebana by ellisonbaypottery on Etsy

    Handmade and Handthrown stoneware pottery by ellisonbaypottery. Handmade and Hand-thrown stoneware pottery clay Brilliant Bold Blue 2″ x 3″ Ikebana Japanese Zen Vase Flower Arrangements by ellisonbaypottery on Etsy make a bouquet of flowers go a long way-split the flowers up into more than one of these Ikebana Japanese Flower arrnaging vase and […]

Door County Potters’ Guild – Visit studios and galleries in Door County, WI

Door County Potters’ Guild – Visit studios and galleries in Door County, WI. John and Abe and Ginka Cohn were the founders of the Guild in 1976 and are still active members. May 1 and 2, the potters of the Guild will host a self guided tour.  New works, demonstrations, refreshments and interesting conversations all […]