New Website!

Thank you so very much for signing up here. Each time someone does I feel excited that someone is interested and that urges me to keep writing, often with clay on my hands. Many times I focus on studio work to the exclusion of everything else. Today, after spending time away from it all, I […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Firing

We’ve had got the Door County Potters Guild annual Tour this weekend. Of course, we‘re fired (ing) a large load at the last-minute so we could can have a kiln opening on Saturday. We are excited to see all the new mugs and glaze tests we’ve been working on and we love to share the […]

Ask A Potter: Is It Hard To Sell Your Favorite Piece of Pottery?

“How can you sell your work?’ “Isn’t it too precious?” “If you love something, how can you bear to part with it?” “Do you ever keep the best for yourself?” John’s answers range from “I can always make another one.” to “That’s how I pay our mortgage.”  I like to say “We’re in this for […]

100 Bowl Project

We are excited to announce our 100 Bowl Project Exhibit Saturday, August 24, 2013 4:00p-7:00p Why do something like this? Why set this goal of throwing and decorating 100 new bowls in the beginning of the season as we are increasing our production in the studio to prepare for the busy summer season in Door […]


There’s nothing better than a pitcher. For pouring warm syrup on Sunday pancakes or waffles. For passing gravy at the traditional Holiday meals. For spring flowers. For hot milk for coffee or tea or hot chocolate. Cold milk for cereal. Sitting on the shelf, waiting for that perfect moment.

Copper Red Glaze on Porcelain

The lure of porcelain. The siren call of the smoothness, the texture, the clean white clay, the almost ethereal-ness of it all. The promise that if you can, just this once, throw or stretch or roll it thin enough, you can see through to its soul. And then, to embellish or not. Glaze or not. […]