Process Photos: The Large Pit Fired Fern Vase-2008

john throwing

Big Fern Vase


Two are finished

The first two are drying

Fern Vase in Pit



6 thoughts on “Process Photos: The Large Pit Fired Fern Vase-2008

  1. I really like this kind of ceramics. I have done barelfiring, just because I don’t have the place for pitfiring.
    I love to do it and I’m curious seeing more of your creations.

  2. Thanks for your comments. We love Pit firing, too.
    There are other posts on this blog about pit firing, and some images of sculptures. Take a look around.

  3. Stunning work!!! Can you give me some more info on the process you used to create your fern vase? Are the ferns just glued on? Did you use slip as a saggar? and is the fire just built around the pieces, so the the ashes create the beautiful mottling?

  4. Hi Betsy-We used terra sigilatta as a ‘glue’ First John brushed the whole piece with it, then the fern and placed it on the vase. In this case two terra sigs were used: old mine #4 and red art which was spattered. The red flashing came from the copper carb and kitchen salts we sprinkle on the sawdust. Then, yes, we essentialy build the fire around it. Sawdust on the bottom, we used bricks and since that vase was so large we had to lay it down at an angle to fit it in. Then wood around the pit. We built an above ground pit because we live in a very rocky area and it was easier. VERY rocky area! and wood, small pieces and then some newspaper to start it. Our ‘starter’ is bacon grease, effective and safe. The mottling and flashing is created by the minerals ( all organic materials contain minerals) in the gases which combine with the sodium (salt) which is attracted to the silica (clay).
    Thanks for following this blog. I don’t write here anymore. My more active blog and website is I’ve got a newsletter and blog there.

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